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Yup,it's time for a new Illustration Friday entry.This time the theme is Spring.
Why I'm posting this stuff later than previous similar posts? Well,you know,most people always want to be first anywhere,even in the Illo Friday list.I try to do that too —it's a good practice for not missing deadlines,y'know.
But this week I wanted to try something different,like posting in the most last minute possible before the new topic is announced (also,this week was my birthday,so I've been spoiling myself a little more than the usual ).

Anyway,this pic isn't very complicated in how it's related with the topic.Spring is usually visualized as a happy,cute and optimistic season...so I guess I could have drawn some flowers,birds and other cliches like that,but personally when I think about Spring,I usually think about possibilities (and about waiting patiently for the rainy and the cold seasons —I like those best).So,here's a happy,cute and optimistic girl,and all the possibilities that an open sky may bring.Hope that's this year's Spring for all of you out there
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