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Not A Bird...Not A Plane...

(brush,technical pen and digital post-production —Butterfly and his friends © Dean Trippe)

What's this now,you wonder? Why,just a small (and silly) tribute to a cool webcomic:Butterfly by Dean Trippe (yup,that same Dean Trippe [dryponder] that co-instigated the Batgirl meme here in LJ earlier this year).
Butterfly is this strip about this cute and nice little kid that becomes a sidekick of Birdie.And then Birdie is the young sidekick of Knight-Bat.And Knight-Bat...well,he just says he works alone because he's a dark vigilante that lives in a cave and stuff.It's a really fun comic strip,but as I always say,only believe half of what I say:just go ahead and check by yourselves.Even if you ain't a regular comic book fanboy —or fangirl— you won't regret it (there's a LJ feed by the way:butterflycomics).

Since Butterfly is such an awesome salute and deconstruction of the classic super-hero genre,I thought of taking a similar approach with this pic.Main inspiration was that time in the '70s when Marvel Comic made that almost every character and his pet had a sidekick.There were Power Man and Iron Fist,Daredevil and the Black Widow,Captain America and the Falcon,Spider-man and the White Tiger,etc.Personally I'm more a DC fan,but that fad was fun and also there was this interesting style of cover.And anyway,comic books are about just having fun,isn't it?
Edit.-(Apr/07/06).This illo appeared today along with this week's Butterfly strip.Thanks a lot Dean!
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