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(paperless fun —Godzilla ™ & © Toho Co.,Ltd;Godzilla ™ & © TriStar Pictures)

Oh yeah —yet another Illustration Friday post.And the topic this time is Monster.
So,if monster is the game,why not go all the way with the King Of The Monsters,the most monstruos of them all:GODZILLA! (yeah,I know,sometimes I can be such a fanboy...)

Personally,I did like the American movie.Yeah,yeah,I know it's a bad movie,but that's how Godzilla movies are supposed to be —I mean,as far as I can remember,Godzilla has never won an Oscar ® nor the Palme d'Or at Cannes.
But of course,if I must choose anyway,the original kaiju material of Toho studios is still much better.Can't send an irradiated iguana to do the job of a radioactive dinosaur,you know.

This image surely was also imaginated by lots of many other Gojira fans all around the world.In fact,it was recreated in the last Japanese Godzilla movie,Godzilla:Final Wars.If you're curious,there's a clip of that battle available at YouTube —and yes,that scene actually features a CGI vs a man in a suit.Cool,inspiring stuff,isn't it?
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