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Walken/Feet (or is it Feet/Walken?)

(100% digital media)

So,there's a new issue of the online edition of Tastes Like Chicken and once again,I have some participation in the sketchbook feature.The topic for this month is Walken.
Now,it's weekend and that means it's also time for Illustration Friday.The selected theme there is Feet.But this weekend,I catched the flu and couldn't make a new illo so I guess both topics will be sharing the same pic for this post —sorry!
Anyway,I know it's a bit of cheating,but since dancing means happy feet there's still some valid connection between topics.

Well then,as you can see,I still kinda suck doing portraits of real people,so please imagine that's Christopher Walken as seen in Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of Choice videoclip.This is actually a sketch —you can see the final version,with colors (and an additional quote by Walken) at TLChicken.com —go to the current issue,scroll down and find the Sketchbook mini-site.

I would like so much to type some more stuff about how cool is Mr. Walken,but antibiotics are making me feel very sleepy.Well,enjoy the pics anyway...
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