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(marker —published on
Fang,Claw & Steel #24)

The gods have mercy and finally it's Friday (I think I haven't mentioned it around here,but I have a new job at a local radio station.It's a fun job but some deadlines can be too tiring when you're still the new guy in the production staff).Well,let's do some Illustration Friday posting before going to bed.The topic for this week is Tattoo.
Personally I have some frustration about tattoos.I always wanted to get myself one of a barcode in the back or in an arm —it would be fun to walk up to a supermarket scanner and find out how much I'm worth.Unfortunately I have a very delicate skin and I might get some nasty allergic reactions with that kind of ink.
Makes you wish you had a stronger,thicker skin —like a rhino's.Then again,even rhinos have some small nuisances of their own,like regularly needing small birds to keep the skin free of parasites.
Oh swell,maybe it's just nature's way to let you know that there'll always be some balance and there's no absolute strenght nor power...but maybe I'm again thinking way too much.
Enough then —I'll go sleep now.Sweet dreams for every and anyone out there...
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