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(marker and digital color —Q-Bee ™ & © Capcom,ltd.)

Well,a bit later than previous weeks,but here's a new Illustration Friday post.The assignment for this week Insect.
Q-BeeThis pic is from my sketchbook.Can't remember when exactly I made it but I do remember that I made it after visiting an arcade local that had a Vampire Saviour (Darkstalkers 3) machine.I'm not sure if I ever had mentioned it around here,but I'm a fan of the Darkstalkers series —those character designs are great,gameplay is fast and almost savage (well,it's a fighting game/horror series after all),and the stories behind the characters are fascinating.
Q-Bee here → is a humanoid bee —not a half-human,half-bee creature,but a true monster bee with human like features.She's from the dark world known as Makai and only wants her race to survive.Thing is,her species' larvae feed on human souls and when grown up they reproduce like,well,a swarm.She's not a very powerful character but that just adds some extra challenge when playing the game with her —but the ending sequence is worth it (and no,it doesn't includes the little friend with the flower in the lower part...that was just me and my almost all-time,never-ending impulse of drawing silly stuff).
Tags: animals, fan-art, girls, illustration friday, pixel art

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