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Fatalysia — An Update

Fatalysia - lineart
Fatalysia - color
(brush and technical pen [and digital color] —Fatalysia © Liam Kemp,Chris Tabor & -U!)

It's been a while I made a Fatalysia post around here,ah? Well,I'm doing one right now and hopefully I'll be making many more soon

Here's the entire main cast of the series.From left to right there's Claudia,Eli,the Jack O'Lanterns (Carl,Stan and Earl),the Scarecrow,Susan,Christan,the Book,the Meadow Flowers and the imps.This kind of family portrait was made for a (silly) promo piece in the gallery at the official website.And that's something else that I wanted to post for:to let you know that the website had an small update,and that you'll find some free avatars at the gallery.As the project is taking further steps towards its realization,expect more updates soon.In the meantime,and if you haven't seen it,don't be shy and visit the website —there you can read the prelude of this comicbook,and get a better idea of what the heck is all this about.
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