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Rock on!
(Paperless —all digital media)

Yup,you guessed right —it's yet another new Illustration Friday pic.The theme this time is Song.
As you can see,I took a pretty straight forward approach —and made yet another quickie.I could have made a more detailed and imaginative piece but this week has been a hard one (work,work,and more work).Still I think there's a little sense of spontaneity in this sketch —kind of a spontaneity similar to that in all the greatest rock songs.Classical symphonic music may have the purest sophistication as art,but rock is just about having fun in all those special moments.You can dance,you can scream,you can dream,you even can cry...there's a special song for almost every situation you may be currently living.And well,you don't need to be very talented or have a proffesional degree for that and guess that simplicity and spontaneity is what make rock —and silly doodles— work.
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