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  Saturday, February 4th, 2006 08:41 pm


It's weekend and that means it's time again for some Illustration Friday fun.The topic for this week is Chair.
Now,you may wonder what do these doodles mean and how are they relate with a chair.Well,I made these sketches (along with some other ones) as a comission for a prehispanic history project.The depicted people are tlaxcaltecs,an offspring of the nahuatl race —sort of cousins of the aztecs that lived behind the mountains that surround the valley that nowadays is Mexico City.
The girl is sitting in a petate,a mat made of maize straw that it's still used in some mexican regions.Usually it was used for sleeping but it was also used for sitting —so it was like a chair,kind of.The nobleman in the upper right corner,however,is sitting in a stone chair.These ones were exclusive to upper classes but they were not exactly like thrones since they were not used for audiences.They usually had more personal and ceremonial uses —noblemen and priest used to sit there to meditate,get some divine inspirations and such.
The men in the lower part are warriors and are not using any chairs,but I simply didn't want to edit the image.

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