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Stray Toasters

Stray Toasters
(technical pen,brush and digital media)

Well,Tastes Like Chicken mag has a new online issue,and guess what —I made a new illo for its sketchbook feature.
The selected topic is Stray Toasters.Now,that's a really surrealist idea,but I took the most obvious approach and made a pic based upon the Stray Toasters graphic novel by Bill Sienkiewicz.The book is very surreal indeed but still a great read —check it out whenever you have the chance.

As I usually do with these kind of pics,what you see is the original black and white lineart.However,you can see the complete,colored and finished piece at TLChicken.com —just look for the current issue and then just scroll down and find the Sketchbook mini-site.
Tags: fan-art, girls, tastes like chicken

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