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To Love/To Honor/To Kick/And To Bite!
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  Saturday, January 28th, 2006 10:20 pm

Happy New Year!
(brush and digital media)

恭喜發財 !
Happy New Year! As the Chinese calendar indicates,it's 4703,Red (Fire) Dog Year.Personally I find it very significative,as I have some affinities with the fire (my zodiac sign is Aries whose element is fire,my name in hebrew also has a meaning related with fire,and my Chinese sign is Fire Dragon) and with dogs (my spiritual totem is the wolf,so I understand a thing or two about doggies).
In Chinese Astrology,the dog can be loyal and faithful,but as any of its kind,he won't think twice biting those who treat him —or her— unfairly.
Hope that this year of the dog treats you well and may be prosperous.

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