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DOUBLE FEATURE:Cats & Green Lanterns

Once again,I have a couple of pics to post —so,it's time for a Double Feature post.
Well,this time I have a couple of illos that ain't in my regular style.
Still I think that my touch is all over them,but who am I to say it...?


It's that time of the week again —Illustration Friday.This week’s topic is Cats.
Guess I really have not much to say,as this pic talks a lot about cats by itself with the tiger and the leopard skin.The girl is dressed as a japanese race queen for no reason in particular.I just wanted an offbeat and kitsch approach but not a typical cliche.I don't know if I achieved that,so I'll let you judge it.

Green Lanterns

(Green Lantern,Kilowog,Arisia and Chip ™ & © DC Comics)
(black marker and digital media)

Last week's Batgirl meme was huge (last time I checked,the official list was about to reach 900 entries),so it's no surprise that some other drawing memes emerged.There's already a Superboy one,but even when I'm a Superman junkie,I didn't feel very inspired to post anything (maybe later I'll do a whole series tho,when the Superman movie premieres this summer ).Instead,here's this sketch for the Green Lantern meme.No redesigns this time,as I already had done this pic some months ago in my sketchbook (if memory serves right,I think I drew this one while waiting at a fast food restaurant).I only added some digital effects before posting.Many people out there keep talkig about Hal Jordan as the only true Green Lantern,but personally I always saw him a little boring —specially when there were other Green Lanterns like Kilowog,Arisia and Chip.You know,you can't go wrong with a pink alien badass,a cute elf girl and an even more cute squirrel with a bowtie,ah?
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