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(marker and digital media)

So,this is this year's very first Illustration Friday post I do.The theme is a very evocative one:Sea.
I don't know about the rest of the world but most people here in Mexico City usually think about the sea as beach,sun,swimsuits,parties,aquatic sports,vacations and fun.Personally I don't like that stuff,cause I have a very delicate skin.The very direct sunlight and the salt in the water wreak havoc in my epidermis —and that's a shame since Mexican beaches like Acapulco and Cancun are very popular.

Still,I suppose that because of my special situation is that since I was a child,I aways have been fascinated with the concept of the sea as an adventure scenario.I like a lot the novels of Emilio Salgari and Jack London with all those pirates,explorers and swashbuckling heroes (and well,I'm also a fan of Popeye the sailor...).
My first idea for this pic was about drawing some pirates...but then again,vikings wore cooler hats and those drakkar ships are always way fun to draw.If these vikings are looking for trouble or just exploring a new land,I'll leave it up to you and your imagination
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