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Small (and Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams)

Wolf & child
(100% brush;originally published in
Fang,Claw & Steel #23)

Yup,it's Illustration Friday again (boy,this week passed too fast for me...).This time the theme is Small...just like the child in this pic,at least when compared with his furry friend.I guess there's also some sort of small hope reflected in the wolf's wink.Seems like he knows that the boy,no matter how small may seem,has really a big potential.Or something like that —I suppose the better interpretation is always in the eye of the beholder.

Shameless plug:
Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams

I almost to mention that at Pixelstrips.com this week began appearing a new story,titled Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams.I wrote the script and a friend named Hector German did the pictures.We actually made that comic some years ago but for some reason or another it never seemed to get published.Well,it finally did.
The story is a bit experimental (it's my first atempt at writing fiction in English),and mixes some western,some cyberpunk sci-fi and some Native American mysticism.It may sound odd,but trust me,it's entertaining stuff.Anyway,there'll be new pages in a weekly basis,so don't miss it.And while you're there,check out also the Big Iron strip —I'm still drawing that other one.Enjoy!
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