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(brush and digital color)

Only cause it's fun,here's yet another Illustration Friday entry.The topic is Free.
Now,that's a somewhat ambiguous word...I mean,in Spanish we have at least 3 other words with different meanings that can be translated as 'free'.There's libre that means free as in liberty and independency.Then there's gratis and that is free as in don't have to pay anything for it.Desenvuelto can also be translated as free in its manner sense —although carefree may be a closer translation in that case.
Anyway,it can be a bit confusing for a non-native English speaker like me.Besides,this weekend I've been a bit sick and dizzy with the flu,so I'll just fill this post with a pic I did in one or other moment of free time.
Enjoy! —it's free,you know...
Tags: animals, girls
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