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(markers and digital color —Conan The Barbarian ™ & © Conan Properties International LLC)

Guess what...? It's time for another Illustration Friday post.And the theme this time is Strenght.
I drew this today while I was waiting for a friend at a radio station.My first thought was of doing a Superman piece,but then overheard a conversation about Arnold Schwarzenegger films and decided to do a Conan pic instead.When I was a kid,I used to read the Mexican editions of Savage Sword Of Conan The Barbarian,and later I jumped to the original Robert E. Howard novels.They are pretty basic and not very sophisticated stories,but there's something fascinating —and sort of inspiring— in the idea of a savage barbarian warrior with a code of honor as big as his strenght (oh yes:the giant monsters and the girls in bikinis are a plus,too )

Shameless plug:go visit the new Fatalysia Official Website.It just launched this week with art and details about this project.Go take a look,add it to your bookmarks and tell your friends —it's fun.
Tags: animals, fan-art, fatalysia, girls, illustration friday

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