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Again,I though it would be fun doing a Double Feature posts,instead of two plain,common entries...
Well,this time I have a couple of illos that ain't in my regular style.
Still I think that my touch is all over them,but who am I to say it...?

(technical pen and digital effects)

Yet again,I perpetrated a new illo for the sketchbook of the online edition of Tastes Like Chicken mag.This month's topic is Bowie —as in David,as you can see.
While thinking about what to do for this topic,I was watching Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi.Then I though that maybe if the manga/anime fad existed since the 70s,there would have existed a Ziggy Stardust anime.And anyway,many people say that my drawing style looks like manga or anime (actually,I do like Japanese pop culture,but I don't read very much manga nor watch many anime).
The exotic letters in the left side were actually used by David Bowie in his Stardust era.He sometimes wore a custom kimono that had those very characters printed on one side.From upper to lower,the letters in Japanese mean "out","fire","breath out" (or "puke"),and "wild" (or "force").The letters are pronounced a "De","Vee","Toh","Bow","E"..."David Bowie",clever,uh? Alternately,the letters can be read as "The man who vomits and fires out provocative words threatening violently".

As in previous posts of this kind,I posted the black and white lineart (manga) version.If you want to see the colored (anime) version —along with some other really cool illos— go visit TLChicken.com.Look for the current issue,and check the Sketchbook slide-show.

And now,let's go with our 2nd pic for today...

(100% digital media)

It's Tuesday,but it doesn't matter,let's think it's like Friday —Illustration Friday,that's it.This week’s topic is Night.
Nothing says more «night» than a goth girl,isn't it? Now,goth and night stuff usually means black and darkness,but I wanted a different approach and so I used bright colors even in the line work.Then in order of making it a round experiment,I drew it more cartoony (than usual).I really don't have much more to say about this pic,so I'll let the cute goth do the remaining talking by herself.
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