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(brush,technical pen and digital color —Samy © -U!)

Yep,it's time again for some Illustration Friday fun.This time the theme is Broken.
Last week,I finally created some 'Error 403' and 'Error 404' —y'know,those pages that appear when you find a broken link or a forbidden directory— pages for my website.Some of you out there may already be familiar with the cute little goth girl...for those who don't,well,I'll let you know that she's yet another of my own characters and her name is Samy.She just likes to show up here and there,doing funny stuff and just being cute with those big panda eyes of hers.

If you're curious about how do the error pages actually look like,try this link and this other one.
Tags: garabatorama, girls, illustration friday, samy

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