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(technical pen and markers)

This week I've been busy,but as some say:better late than never.So,here's a new Illustration Friday pic.And its topis is Remote.
We have here a scene from a remote past...well,actually due to popular demand (2 comments in an earlier post) is more part of a promised series of dinosaur sketches,but it can be still considered as a "remote" pic,since the dinosaurs depicted lived in the territory that nowadays is known as Mongolia —that's a remote place from Mexico City,y'know.

Okay,perhaps I'm typing way too much nonsense than usual but I'm also still a bit busy around here.So,I'll only add that the dinosaur with the fin and the duck bill is a tsintaosaurus,and the other one is an euplocephalus;and them both lived in the Cretassic age.
Tags: animals, dinosaurs, illustration friday

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