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(black and blue pencils)

Yup —It's a new Illustration Friday pic.This time,the theme is Cold.And well,what's colder than the Noth Pole? Here's a polar scene then.

But what's exactly this drawing about you may wonder? Well...

In 1921,polar explorer Knud Rasmussen met an Inuit shaman of the iglulik community.His name was Anarqâq and he told Rasmussen many legends and stories about the spirits that lived in the cold lands.The most of Anarqâq stories were personal tales of his own encounters face to face with many good and evil spirits —he was a shaman after all.The spirits were invisible,but sometimes they appeared in mystical visions as wild animals or bizarre monsters.Rasmussen asked Anarqâq to try to draw some of the spirits he saw.Here's his depiction of one of them,named Issitôq:
Issitoq 2

"Issitôq" means "Giant Eye" in Inuit language and actually is an avenging deity that punishes those who break Inuit taboos.Anarqâq said that he was fierce and fearful but melancholic and that he became his protector.
When they first met,Issitôq said the words you see in the first illo.Personally,I think they're kind of poetic.So,as you may have already guessed,I tried to depict how could have been the encounter between Issitôq and Anarqâq.I just found it fascinating.
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