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Dinosaurs (Lost)
(black and green rollerball pens)

It's that time of the week again:Illustration Friday!
This week's theme is Lost.And here we have some dinosaurs,as in the Lost World,the Lost Valley,the Land Lost In Time or whatever other sci-fi place with dinosaurs.Maybe I'm cheating a little this time,because since Wednesday I've been wanting to draw something with dinosaurs —they're cool and what the hey:I'm also a dinosaur fan (Hmm...I wonder if maybe I should try doing a small series of dinosaur sketches...just a thought).

The small carnivore dinosaur is a sarcosaurus.The one with the long neck is a saltasaurus.These both species may have never met since the first lived during the Jurassic era and the later was from the cretassic,but I wanted to do something original and draw some of the least known (a.k.a. "lost") dinosaurs.Yes,there're also in the pic some triceratops and pterodactyls,but since they're distant,I won't count them at all.
Tags: animals, dinosaurs, illustration friday

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