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  Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 09:29 am

First things first:I'd like to wish a happy New Year 5766 to my jewish friends out there

Now,the newest issue of Tastes Like Chicken online mag is out and in its sketchbook feature there's a new illo I did.The theme is Zombie.
The pic,as usual in me,it's silly but this time it's also somewhat politically incorrect.Then again there may be no offence at all but anyways I'll post it behind this cut

(markers and digital effects)

I had a small creative block thinking about what to draw for this topic —you know,I didn't want to draw an average mindless brain-eating walking corpse.There's nothing wrong with that but sometimes you just wish to be a more creative.I think I achieved that (even if the zombie seems to have stolen Michael Jackson's jacket,hair and nose) but that's just my opinion.

Posted here is the original black & white lineart.To see the finished piece in full color,you know the drill...if not,then just go toTLChicken.com and at the current issue section,look for the Sketchbook mini-site.My pic is the very first one in the slideshow,so you won't miss it.

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  Soundtrack: I Feel Good - James Brown  

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