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Abril es ©-U!
(100% digital image —Abril © -U!)

Time for some Illustration Friday fun —this time with this topic:Fresh.
This girl is one of my own characters and her name's Abril (or April in English,if you like).She's sorta my spokeperson (spoketoon?) so maybe you have seen her here and there...oddly,it seems that until now I didn't upload a pic of her around this place.Oh swell,here's one —and it's on topic since I drew this one just last night,so it's as fresh as can be.

Shameless plug:By the way,if you're attending SPX this weekend,look for Liam a.k.a. bigredcheese.He'll be there showing some Fatalysia stuff so drop by,say «hi!» and ask for an autograph before we all become famous and stuff (well...maybe not so famous and stuff but the Fatalysia comic is a fun read anyways).
If you can't go,you still can see the Fatalysia ashcan and issue #1 (with no texts —it's a preview after all,folks) online here:
issue 1
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