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Tiger & Girl - original version
Tiger & Girl - 3D version
(brush and marker for the original || some Photoshop layers for the 3D version)

I've been a bit busy these last days cause I've been changing my website to a new server.In consequence,here's an Illustration Friday post on Monday morning —better later done than never done,uh?

This week's topic is Depth.And as you already may have seen,I thought of depth as in the physics definition:«a distance measured vertically from top to bottom (height) or horizontally from outside to inside or from front to back (thickness)» (Wikipedia dixit).The girl in the illo seems to love really deeply the annoyed tiger though.Oh swell...

Drawing produces only flat images...unless you use some 3D tricks to add some depth.This pic is taken from my sketchbook,and the original version is posted as well.To see properly the 3D version,you'll need some red-blue or red-green 3D glasses —put the red color over your left eye.
Tags: 3d, animals, girls, illustration friday

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