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DOUBLE FEATURE:Brothers Grimm & Roots

Once again,I have to 2 pics to show here,but instead of doing two plain regular posts,for no reason besides having fun,I’ll do something special and post them as Double Feature.


Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm
(brush,technical pen and digital lettering)

As I been doing from some months before,I drew a new pic for the online edition of Tastes Like Chicken mag.This month the topic is Brothers Grimm.
Obviously,this is cause the new Terry Gilliam movie (it’s fun by the way —don’t be fooled by the Van Helsing-like trailer),but fairy tales are a great topic for doing illustrations anyway.And well,some of you out there already know that my all-time favorite story is the Little Red Ridding Hood,so I didn’t have to think too much about what I wanted to draw —with a twist though.

What you see here,is the raw lineart.If you want to see the colored version —along with some other really cool illos with the same topic— move your browser toTLChicken.com.Then look for the current issue,and right there you should find the Sketchbook mini-site.My pic is #6 in the slideshow.

But wait! There’s more...!


Roots 1
(boring class in 1996 + notebook + pencil = guess...)

Today it’s friday,and I have an illustration to make it a new Illustration Friday.This week’s topic is Roots.
Now,I could have drawn some potatoes,radishes or maybe some mandrake.But I wanted something else,and then thought of posting some of my own roots —when I used to draw silly doodles in my school notebooks (well...truth is I still do silly drawings,only without the notebook part).

The original date,as you can see,was 14th May,1996 (whoah! that’s almost a decade ago!).I was in my second semester at the uni,studying —kind of— so I could become a publicity designer.That meant I had to attend some long theorical classes of basic psychology,semiotics,marketing and such.There were lots of books to read and even much more notes to take.But I found a way to amuse myself,for I kept drawing and drawing —I didn’t even write my notes with a pen but always with a pencil so I could draw more comfortably.

Here’s a closer look to the sketches:
Roots 2

At the upper part,there’s Death and Dream from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.Then there’s Superman,some generic android,Wolverine (such a comic-book fanboy,I know...),and a prehispanic feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl in aztec language,maybe you have heard about it).In the lower row,some sort of bear with tiger features,a deer with butterfly wings and a typical alien.
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