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(color markers and some digital fading for the background)

Guess what? It's time for more Illustration Friday fun.The topic for this week is Dreams.

Once again,it's a topic that already has appeared at this sketchlog some months ago (shameless plug:right here,when I illustrated in comic form that dream of goats for The Dream Project website.End of shameless plug).
That time,I drew a dream by somebody else,so now I'm posting a colored sketch of a dream I had.

I don't dream very much at all when I'm asleep.Usually,there's this odd repeative lucid dream where I'm at the Oscar ® Awards ceremony —I've been having this dream for years,still don't know why— and some premonitory dreams now and then (déjà-vu is my second name...) but besides that,there's not very much dreaming for me.Even the last nightmare I had,was very long time ago,when I was 6 years old.
Fortunately,I daydream a lot,but that's another story.

Anyway,casually last nigh I finally had some 'normal' dreams.One of them was about this strange white-skinned lady and this talking fish at the gardens of Versailles palace.I don't remember what was I supposed to be doing there,but the image of the woman and the fish was still very vivid and fresh in mind when I woke up this morning.So,next thing I did,was grab my sketchbook,some markers and draw it.And well,such a curiosity,today there's the indirect suggestion of posting it online.

Dreams can be very inspiring but they still are really bizarre sometimes...
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