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(all brush and ink —originally published in Fang,Claw & Steel #19)

It's Illustration Friday time again.And this week's topic is Reflection.

Now,I could have recycled the whole post from a month ago,when I drew that other pic with the same topic for the sketchbook of Tastes Like Chicken.Since in that post there's only a part of the whole picture —literally— I could even post now the full image (I've already included it in the Pixels gallery of my website)...but I won't

Instead of that,here's another kind of reflection.If it's the big wolf seeing himself reflect in the skull or viceversa it doesn't matter at all.There's an old shinto saying:«The heart of the person before you is a mirror. See there your own form».You don't always need a mirror or any other reflecting surface,you only need to keep your eyes wide open if you want to see yourself.
Tags: animals, fang claw & steel, illustration friday
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