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DOUBLE FEATURE!:Wisdom & Naked Lunch

This time,I have 2 pics to show here.Maybe I should have posted them in 2 different posts,but then again,that's a bit boring and I always like to try different ways and options.

So,here's a double feature ...


(marker and digital color)

It’s an Illustration...it’s friday...it’s a new pic for Illustration Friday.
And the topic this week is Wisdom.

The drawing posted here was done for a fable by Jean De La Fontaine —«La Mort Et Le Bûcheron» (Death And The Woodcutter).There’re always some words of wisdom in those old fables,so I won’t say more and just transcript the original tale:
Invisible beneath his bale of branches, bent
As much by years as by the weight upon his back,
A poor woodcutter hobbled, groaning as he went
Along the pathway winding to his wretched shack.
At last, when pain and effort had exhausted him,
He let his burden fall and, standing there, began
To catalogue his miseries. In all his time,
What pleasures had he ever known? Had any man
Been half so poor, so lacking bread, with never rest
From crying brats and grinding rent, demanding swarms
Of tax men, usurers, rough men-at-arms:
A picture of despair that left him so depressed
That he called out for death. And there at once she stood,
To ask what she might do for him today.
"Just help," he said, "lift back this wood
Upon my back and then be gone without delay."

Heaven puts all pains to rest-
Still, we prefer this earth instead.
The motto on our human crest
Reads, "Better to suffer than be dead."

And for the 2nd illo for today...

Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch
(technical pen and marker)

Once again,as I've been doing from some months ago,I drew a little something for the sketchbook in the online edition of Tastes Like Chicken mag.The topic for this month is Naked Lunch.Great Burroughs book,but as you may see,I like the Cronenberg movie best.Them both works may be too bizarre for some tastes though —it’s like Kafka on sugar,acid and cafeine.
The pale creature you see is a mugwump,and the bug is a morphed typewriter.The scene doesn’t really happen in the movie,but it was fun to imagine and draw anyway.

As some you out there already know,the pic here is just the original lineart.If you want to see the complete,finished piece in full color,just go toTLChicken.com and at the current issue section,look for the Sketchbook mini-site.My pic is the last one in the slideshow.
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