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Lya vs the T-rex
(paperless drawing —100% digital)

Once again,it's time for some Illustration Friday drawing fun.The theme this week is one really interesting:empty.
This pic is based upon a pic from a scan of a classic horror comic-book that I downloaded somewhere.Wish I knew who did the original piece,so I could include a proper credit.
Anyways,since it's been a while since I drew my own character,Lya D'Montparnasse (Gun For Hire —Service With A Smile™),I decided to use her,but maybe she ain't so happy to be between an empty gun and a dinosaur with an empty stomach.Oh swell...

Now,everybody has heard about the half full,half empty glass and how if you see the empty part,then you're a pessimist.However,that's not very accurate or even logical at all —take a donut,for example.Any donut needs to have a hole if it's supposed to be a donut and I guess that the emptiness is that secret ingredient that makes the donut delicious.If it weren't that way,then nobody would bake donuts with an empty part right in the middle.But then again,maybe I'm just thinking waaay to much.
Tags: animals, dinosaurs, girls, illustration friday, lya

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