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(marker and digital color)

Yup —it's time again for an Illustration Friday pic.And as you can read at the subject and the pic itself,the topic for this week is karma.

I always say that coincidences don't exist —all and everything in this universe happens for a reason.There's the budist concept of karma and dharma,for example.You do right stuff and everything will be cool.Be evil and then some power up there will say «vengeance is mine» and maybe go biblical on you.Well...actually in these days there're not many reports of people turned into salt statues or cooked by sudden lightning,but trust me —bad things happen sooner or later to those who do wrong,and some people get into some situations that wouldn't happen to a better and nicer person.
Rest asured that there's some justice and balance in this world after all.

Still,as you can see from what I drew —Wouldn't it be great if you could really buy some instant karma available at the supermarket?
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