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(marker,digital tablet and a wee bit of CSS)

It's that time of the week again —Illustration Friday time,that is.
The topic for this week is Metropolitan.As a trivia fact,here in Mexico City we have this big,old movie theatre named just like that,Metropolitan.Since I was a child,I always wondered why it was named like that,and not Metropolitano,as logically one could expect.But then I also always wondered what was supposef to be its relation with Superman.You know,since he lives in Metropolis and stuff.

Anyways,urban —or metropolitan— life can be hard and stressing.As they say,it's a jungle out there.But personally,I just love living in the city.And well,I know that there are traffic jams,smog,and hard surfaces everywhere,but there are some pretty things to look at sometimes.For example,the city lights at night.
I've always liked how do the cities look at night.It's almost impossible to look up at the stars in a city because of the pollution,but then it's nice that even in darkest nights there're always bright lights for everyone out there.
That's what I think —but I don't know,maybe it's just my inner and innocent self speaking
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