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Santo vs El Cíclope

Santo vs Cíclope
(marker and digital color)

For one reason or another I forgot to post here share this doodle with all you people out there.Nevermind,it's here now.

Many of you know that I'm a fan of El Santo.I saw almost all his movies on TV when I was young and cute.Those movies were really cheap and cheesy,but that didn't matter at all —the only important thing when you were a child in the 80s was that Santo was a real superhero.He fought (rubber suit) monsters in his movies and then you could also see him wrestling at the luchas every Sunday.

My all-time favorite monster/villain from Santo movies was the nameless cyclops.Santo usually fought classic movie monsters as vampires,werewolves,the Frankenstein Monster,mummies and such.

And then,there was the Cyclops.
He wasn't a imposing character at all.In fact,he always looked goofy,more like a failed and very cheap atempt at imitating the suit from the Creature From Black Lagoon.It seemed like they tried to make him bulkier but looked as a plushie instead.But it also seemed like that didn't matter at all for the producers,since the Cyclops appeared in many Santo movies.Actually,he appeared in many movies more,always as a cheesy sidekick of other monsters.A true classic of mexican cinema that maybe deserved more atention.Or maybe his true greatness was that he was always a such good second-stringer.
Oh swell,nevermind,I just had to draw him as the menacing more serious villain he was meant to be.I'm such a fanboy sometimes,I know...
Tags: celebs, fan-art, superheroes

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