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(markers —and no pencils)

Guess what? I drew yet another pic for the sketchbook section of Tastes Like Chicken mag (yeah,I know it seems as if I have some exclusive contract or something with them...don't worry,I'll post some other kind of pics soon —promise).

The theme for this month was Vacation.
Sometimes,you don't need to go outside of the city to have a rest.Sometimes,as you can see,you only need some good music,a cup of coffee and an open window.
And yes,I do know the perspective is a bit weird,but I just wanted to draw freely.So,I didn't use a ruler and even didn't draw with a pencil first —it's all direct ink.Kind of a confidence exercise.

You can see the colored piece at TLChicken.com and at the current issue section,look for the Sketchbook mini-site.

Oh,by the way,I also drew an extra illo for the printed issue #5 of that very same mag.You can order it online right here.
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