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Tarot (and a little extra)

It is All In The Cards...
(marker and technical pen)

Once again,there's a pic of yours truly in the sketchbook section of Tastes Like Chicken mag.The theme for this month was Tarot (and once again,guess I drew the silliest image of them all but that’s just my opinion).
Here’s the lineart —to see the finished,colored and lettered piece,just browse and go to TLChicken.com and at the current issue section,scroll down and find the Sketchbook mini-site.

Plus,here’s an extra pic...
I Fought The Law...
(color pencils,markers and digital color)

I did an small update at Garabatorama.Uploaded some art (already seen at this very LJ) and eliminated some older art.Among the later,was this Authority pic,but then I thought of posting it here,for archival purposes.Unfortunately that comic book isn’t as good as it used to be,when Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch were doing it.Those first 12 issues were fun to read anyways and inspired me to do this pic in a mixed media and an unusual style,just for the fun of it.
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