February 16th, 2011

No Hay Peor Lucha Que La Que No Se Hace

¡El Naco Asesino!

El Naco Asesino
(brush & technical pen)

It all began with a game of Dungeons & Dragons...it was rather boring so no one was into character and more into poking fun at each other.A friend was playing as a knight with a magic sword but was acting more like a maniac killer from an 80s' slasher film.Carlo Angie,another friend,started calling him 'El naco asesino y su machete sagrado' (The killing naco and his sacred machete).It sounded really funny and then someone said 'What if El Naco Asesino was a genuine comic book character?'
And so El Naco Asesino (with his loyal sidekick Macuarrito) was born.But instead of a psycho knight he became a Mexican vigilante.More exactly,the Mexican parody version of Batman —and Daredevil and Azrael and The Punisher and Conan The Barbarian.Carlo Angie wrote some ideas and I drew them.Nothing big,there were only a few pages and gags that made it into Xerox fanzines and that was all.

Unfortunately,Carlo Angie died some years ago.But I'm still alive so that means that El Naco Asesino can also still be alive —as far as a fictional character can be,of course.And posted here,is an updated version of the origin story —or at least the short version because the full origin includes the moment when a gas container landed on El Naco's head,and then he went to Catemaco to retrieve his sacred machete from the hands of a mad nuclear scientist (hey,I said it was a parody version!)

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PS.-In case you're wondering what the heck is a naco you can look that up on wikipedia.Still,the naco concept on Mexican culture is much more complex and hard to explain because in the end,all and every Mexican is a little naco on the inside.