February 7th, 2011

Not Dead Yet...


(brush & digital stuff —Automan © 20th Century Fox Film Corporation)

I wasn't looking forward to Tron Legacy,since the original movie actually made me asleep when I was younger and cuter.While watching the movie I kept thinking that The Matrix was a better sequel/remake/whatever if you think about worlds inside computers.Then I also remembered that Tron already had another unofficial sequel using costumes with bright lights and more action:Automan.Now,if something needs a remake/sequel/whatever,that TV series is.I mean,that series was okay for its time but no one can deny that it was poor executed in many aspects so there's a good reason to make it all over again and make it right this time —hey,isn't that supposed to be the point of remakes after all?

Anyway,I felt in the mood of redesigning Automan so here it is ↑
But what's Automan without a suit made of an animated texture? Fortunately,current HTML & CSS technology can be used for that —behind the cut,there're some experiments I made:
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