September 13th, 2009


Ginny & Clutch (Little Red Riding Hood Reloaded?)

Little Red Riding Hood Reloaded
(brush & digital stuff)

Hometown: Some lost town on Route 66.
Likes: Fast cars,faster music,robbing banks and ice cream.
Dis-likes: Being chased by the police,woodsmen and/or hunters.
Super Powers: Ginny has an IQ of 250 and is not afraid of anything.Clutch is a werewolf —'nuff said.
Personality: Ginny may seem like a shy girl,but behind that appearance there's a really evil and wicked mind.She's very manipulative,yet she's with Clutch because she truly is in love with him (but won't admit it,at least in public).Clutch on the other hand is grumpy and stubborn but once you get to know him you'll find he's actually very kind.

(* I'm wondering if this concept deserves further development...any thoughts out there?)