September 11th, 2009

Even Knowledge Has To Be In Fashion

"I Tawt I Taw a Tweety Bird..."

(marker & digital stuff —Tweety™ & © Warner Bros.)

Seems like I mentioned it everywhere but here —yes,I'm on's mostly about random stuff,music and links but if it amuses you,feel free to friend/watch/follow me or whatever it's supposed to be done in that social network/microblogging site.

Now that I'm at it,guess it won't hurt letting you know on which other networks I can be found on a regular basis: for keeping in touch (as far as the confusing interface lets me) and blocking annoying apps. as above sans the annoying apps. I post character designs.

FFFFound! here I collect all interesting and inspiring eye-candy I find on the web.This network is invitation-only,but there's a RSS available. use this site for blogging things related to Little Red Riding Hood.But if you're in that network and post interesting things just let me know and I'll follow/friend/stalk you. I hear...not much to say about this except that I hear a lot of music.

The Hype found on blogs —told you:I hear a lot of music.

Gruñidos & another LJ account and personal blog.It's in Spanish though,but I also post lots of pics and music in case you're interested.
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