August 30th, 2009


The Greatest Movie Never Made (with soundtrack!)

Narcos vs Velociraptors
(brush & Photoshop)

I like movies.Unfortunately,not any kind of movies.This year,except for Pixar's Up,I have not watched a movie that I liked (I'm looking forward to Zombieland,Blood and Ponyo though,but very probably the late 2 won't even premiere here and I'll have to watch them until they're available on DVD).

Something I would like to watch would be something like this imaginary poster I made ↑
The plot would be quite simple:a story about narcos in the U.S./Mexico border that while digging a tunnel stumble upon a cave with a colony of velociraptors.Think From Dusk Till Dawn 1 & 2 meets Aliens 2 meets your favorite movie of swarms of nasty animals —because,yes,we're talking about lots of hungry velociraptors coming from the center of the Earth.
And then,just visualize this song over the final credits:

Now,that would be a badass movie,ah?

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