August 28th, 2009

Smile Darn Ya Smile!

Kate MIccuci Songs

Kate Micucci

Songs EP by Kate Micucci
Kate Micucci is a girl everybody would like to marry.She's cute,an actress,a comedian,she can draw,builds sand castles and also plays the piano and the ukulele —talk about talent,ah?
Ah,but she also writes and sings some really great songs.Someone once told me that you never discover music,it's music the one that finds you right in the moment when you need it.Well,I must say that Kate's EP found me in a very good moment,as it helped me overcome some exisential doubts and depression I had.All I can say about her songs wouldn't make them enough justice,so don't hesitate and buy,steal or do whatever you must for getting this EP.Trust me,you won't regret it.
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    Just Say When - Kate Micucci
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Wei Wu Wei

The King's Birthday

Kirby meets Escher
(brush & digital touches)

92 years ago,Jack 'The King' Kirby was born.
And as a tribute,the Kirby-Vision blog is featuring a gallery of portraits.It's no secret that I'm a fan of the King's work —in fact,many of his stories inspired me to start drawing when I was younger and brattier,but probably you already knew or guessed that.
What you see here is the lineart.If you want to see the final,colored version —along with all the other tribute portraits— just go ahead to the portrait gallery.
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    Antes De Que Nos Olviden - Caifanes
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