August 6th, 2009

Even Knowledge Has To Be In Fashion

Happy (belated) 60th Anniversary,Condorito!

(brush and digital stuff —Condorito © Pepo/Televisa Chile/World Editors)

Yesterday was Condorito's 60th anniversary.Since I grew up reading his comic books I just had to commemorate the day in one way or another (as a matter of fact,Condorito was one of the key influences that made me start drawing).
If you're wondering why I drew him like a classic image of Mickey Mouse it's just because Condorito was created in Chile as a response to Walt Disney's Three Caballeros characters.So this is my way of making the full circle.Or something like that.

For more information in case you're interested:
Condorito Official Website (Spanish)
Condorito Official Website (English)
And some obligatory bootleg videos on YooToob (cartoons without words,so you can understand them no matter your language)
Part 1
Part 2
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