January 1st, 2009

Wei Wu Wei

¡¡¡Gradiosísimo Año Nuevo!!!

Abril 2009
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So...I guess this is a nice day for starting a brand new year.And many of you out theere already know,today is also my LJ-versary (?!).Yup,it's been 43,848 hours more or less (that's 5 years) since I put my first post around here.
And you know what? It's been —and still is— quite a fun and terrific ride.And I know I say this every year,but I must do it again:Thank You,All Of You Awesome People Out There That I've Met In This Place.And for the other anonymous ones that only lurk and read...a Big Thank You as well.

Hope all and everyone stay here,so we all can share a year to remember.Do you feel ready for that? Let's go and just do it!

Ah,but there's something more I'd like to share with you today:
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