October 2nd, 2008

Fatalysia Pixels

Cursed Scarecrows And Tragic Heroines That Love Them

Fatalysia promo
(rmarker and digital effects)

I'll be making an oficial post later this weekend,but I guess it'll be best making an announcement in advance for all of you out there.
Well,Fatalysia #3 is ready and it will be making its official debut this weekend at the SPX.Unfortunately I still can't outrun the border patrol so I won't be there but in spirit.But fear not,as Liam (bigredcheese) and Kit (fortyhumans) sure will be there,so if you're there don't forget to visit table E12A and pick a copy.There will also be available a new printing of issue #2 with a color cover by talented Dave McKean Myke Amend.
And by the by,if you like the sketch posted here (↑),the original piece will be for sale there,too,along with some other silly doodles I drew of monsters,dinosaurs and other assorted characters.Get yours while supplies last!

ETA (3/Oct/08 - 9:10am):Yup,it's official.See,Fatalysia #3 is mentioned over at The Beat.