August 17th, 2008

Did You Miss Me...?

And now,a couple of sketches...

Abril © -U!
(made with that silly oekaki-like application from Facebook and some extra Photoshop)

Yeah,yeah,I know that haven't posted enough pics around here as I should.That should change soon,as some of the things I'm illustrating get published (so then I can post them here) and as I get then more time for drawing more fun and challenging stuff —not that I don't like drawing,you out there know that I love it,but it's not the same drawing,I don't know,a T-Rex driving the bat-mobile,rather than commisioned clip-art.Sometimes really I wish days were longer so I could have enought time for doing everything I must and everything I want.That,and a horse so I could go more easily and faster from one point of the city to another —or better than the horse,a dog sled.Whatever.

ETA:I already put this thing over this corner (sorry in advance for the x-post) but I guess some of you out there reading the stuff here might be interested (?) as well on this month's LJ meme,so here it is,my mug straigh fom
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