July 20th, 2008

In 48 Hours Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday

The Devil's in the Details

Hellboy & Hot Stuff
(technical pen,marker & digital color —Hellboy ™ & © Mike Mignola;Hot Stuff ™ & © Harvey Entertainment)

There:an idea for a 3rd movie.Or a new direct to DVD animation.Or a new comic,why not...it could even work as a relaunch of Hot Stuff.
Personally,when I was younger and brattier,of all them characters published by Harvey Comics I always liked Hot Stuff best,as it seemed that he was the only one without an existential trauma.You know,Casper wanted friends and lived with a trio of abusive uncles,Wendy wanted to be a good witch and lived with a trio of abusive aunts,and Richie Rich was a 'Poor Little Rich Boy' (he had no abusive uncles or aunts and actually was portrayed as a quite happy boy,but sure the adjective on the cover of each issue wasn't very helpful).