December 21st, 2007

Fatalysia Pixels

¡¡¡Chingonérrima Navidad!!!

Fatalysia Xmas Card 07
(paperless image)

It's that time of the year again!
And yeah,I know this may be a bit in advance (or belated,depending of what winter holiday you choose) but I guess some of you out there won't be online until Wednesday.Anyways,have this Fatalysia greeting card with the most warmest regards.

Best wishes for all of you out there.Have a fun,joyous,greatest...

Reacción Podcast

ENGLISH.- Reacción,the infotainment micro-radio show I write scripts for,is finally available as a podcast.Every week there'll be a different theme,previosly aired on the Reactor 105.7 FM radio station.The show is in Spanish only though.
Just go to the IMER's website and look for the podcasts section (direct link over here).

ESPAÑOL.- Reacción,el micro-show radiofónico de infoentretenimiento que tengo a bien guionizar,finalmente está ya disponible en formato de podcast.Cada semana debe haber disponible un tema distinto,de los previamente emitidos en la estación Reactor 105.7 FM.
Sólo accede al sitio web del IMER y localiza el apartado de podcasts (link directo acó).