October 19th, 2007

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Big Iron Vol. 1

Big Iron Sample

Big Iron Cover
The sequence in this post is from a Big Iron,the western strip I draw for the Pixelstrips website.You won't find it there though,but in the brand new print compillation of all the 3 'seasons' of the webstrips plus an exclusive short story —the sequence is from that one.The book is already on sale on Indyplanet.com.The whole info is in the press release,so here it is:
Pixelstrips.com Releases Big Iron - Volume One
Raleigh, NC — The first print edition from the web comic community, Kevin Volo's Pixelstrips.com, is now available from the print-on-demand site, Indyplanet.com.

Big Iron, the popular western on Pixelstrips.com, has been collected in a 56-page comic that includes a new six page story of Jacob Black, extras, and the full script to the first arc. All that wrapped in a beautiful cover by DC exclusive artist, Mike Norton (Jason and the Argobots, Black Canary, The All New Atom), with an introduction by Jonah Hex writer, Jimmy Palmiotti (Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Shanna the She-Devil).

"I started Pixelstrips.com about two years ago and Big Iron was one of the debut comics," said Kevin Volo, owner of Pixelstrips.com. "At the time I was really getting into the HBO show Dead Wood and wanted to try my hand at a western, especially after a lot of Johnny Cash and some western research. Big Iron was born. It's a pretty dark tale."

"What really did it for me was reading Jonah Hex from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey, that and the Showcase." continued Volo. "I was then extremely lucky to find an artist that matched my vision for the world of Big Iron. Uriel Duran is a fantastic artist that really brings a distinct flavor to the comic. His stuff is just fantastic."

The 56-page Big Iron can be purchased from the print-on-demand site Indyplanet.com. It's the first in a new run of collected editions from Pixelstrips.com that will contain not only online content, but new, never published stories.

Check out Pixelstrips.com for great web comics that are updated daily and weekly. You can also find comic and webcomic tutorials that cover lettering, coloring and much more. And don't forget to check out the forums to keep up-to-date on Pixelstrips.com news and vote for what collected edition you would like to see next.
You can buy the Big Iron book and prints over here.

Big Iron - Vol. 1

Big Iron Cover

ENGLISH.- Big Iron,the western online comic I draw for Pixelstrips.com (with scripts and colors by Kevin Volo),has been collected in a 56-page edition.It includes the 3 'seasons' of the strip originally published online,plus a brand new,exclusive six-page story as well as some behind the scenes stuff.Featuring a cover by Mike Norton (Jason and the Argobots, Black Canary, The All New Atom) and an introduction by Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex,Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters,Shanna the She-Devil).

The book (along with a couple of prints) is available for sale right now at the IndyPlanet website.

ESPAÑOL.- Big Iron,el comic western que tengo a bien dibujar para Pixelstrips.com (guionizado y coloreado por Kevin Volo),ha sido compilado en una edición de 56 páginas.Incluye las 3 'temporadas' de la tira originalmente publicada online,más una historia exclusiva y nuevecita de 6 páginas,además de materiales de detrás de escenas.Cuenta con una portada de Mike Norton (Jason and the Argobots,Black Canary,The All New Atom) y una introducción de Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex,Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters,Shanna the She-Devil).

El libro (junto con un par de cromos) está disponible ya a la venta en el sitio de IndyPlanet.