April 8th, 2007


Fatalysia Chapter II

I know,I know —it's been quite some time since I posted here.But I've been busy...
All Work And No Play Make -U! A Dull Boy...
ll Work And No Play Make -U! A Dull Boy..
l Work And No Play Make -U! A Dull Boy.
 Work And No Play Make -U! A Dull Boy
Work And No Play Make -U! A Dull Bo
ork And No Play Make -U! A Dull B
rk And No Play Make -U! A Dull 
k And No Play Make -U! A Dull
 And No Play Make -U! A Dul
And No Play Make -U! A Du
nd No Play Make -U! A D
d No Play Make -U! A 
 No Play Make -U! A
No Play Make -U! 
o Play Make -U!
 Play Make -U
Play Make -
lay Make 
ay Make
y Mak

(with apologies to Mr. Kubrick and Mr. Nicholson and those who saw when I made this gag the first time)

Nevermind,fortunately this week I could say enough with the paying work,and begin with some of the fun and rewarding work.And since today is Easter*,here's this sneak peek at the upcoming chapter in the Fatalysia saga —Enjoy!
Fatalysia #2 - Page 1
(100% brush)

(*okay,not exactly an Easter image,but as this is kind of a surprise preview,I think it counts as an 'easter egg' —then again,rabbits are just big mice only with longer ears and shorter tails).