September 27th, 2006

We're All Strange Here


Mr. Blátido
(marker and digital media)

Once again,here's a new Illustration Friday illo.The topic for this week is Phobia.

My favorite trivia fact is the one about that the most common fear for all humans in all cultures and ages isn't the fear of death —that's second place as scariest thing,after spiders.And actually,I've seen many people freak out —and even faint— just by seeing a small spider.That fear sometimes goes along with a situation of being scared of insects in general.Medical name for that is enthomophobia.
Now,if there's an insect species specially creepy and spooky for many people,that sure is cockroaches (unofficial name for that fear is blattophobia).
This drawing is from my sketchbook.Some of you out there sure already know that personally I find them roaches kind of cute.Then again,I grew up with 'La Cucaracha' song as part of everyday life and culture,and in the '80s,some xenophobic people in the other Mexican states used to say that the day after a nuclear war,there would only survive cockroaches and chilangos (that's people born here in Mexico City —the vermin comparition wasn't flattering,but in the other hand I always thought that the idea of surviving Armageddon was cool,don't you think?).