June 25th, 2006



T-Rex vs Dragon
(pen,marker and digital shenanigans)

And here’s yet another Illustration Friday post.This week's theme is Rain.

Personally I just love rainy days —I'm only happy when it rains,Shirley Manson dixit.Rain brings me cool and fun memories...like T-Rexes.
You know,in Disney's Fantasia,in the part with the dinosaurs,the T-Rex shows up when it begins to rain.And in Jurassic Park,it's raining again when the T-Rex appears.
Well then,you may guess I was a bit dissapointed when in Animal Planet's Dragons mockumentary there's a T-Rex fighting a prehistoric dragon...but there's no rain.It was a cool scene anyway (you simply can't go wrong with a hungry T-Rex AND an angry dragon),but hey,rain could have made it better.And so,I drew this sketch of the fight in the way it should had been,at least in my head anyways.